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The failure of international projects causes enormous costs for companies each year, in some cases even billions. The question of why is imminent. Are the causers actually, as often cited, bureaucratic hurdles and mismanagement or can the answer be found in the lack of recognition of cultural differences and thus…
Japan and Germany are leading economies in their respective regions, and both belong to that exclusive club of the most influential and powerful nations on the planet. Companies from both countries engage economically in either country. Here, there are always possibilities to optimize, especially with respect to communication and direct,…
Flexibly retrievable high performances play an outstanding role in a global economy, in which ups and downs come and go as they so wish. The pressure for companies is especially with sales instruments: marketing, service and sales. Whether managers go down in their company´s history as heroes or sad losers…
Working in a team is not needed in all positions, but a very common way for many jobs at many companies. We have discussed in former articles how to start teamwork and how to build teams generally.
"Management - with a good team and a little talent, this goes alongside!" Really? Does management really go "alongside"?


  • Leadership
  • Sales
  • Communication
  • Rhetoric
  • Body language
  • Working method
  • BA compact
  • Team development


  • Exhibition-Team Trainings
  • Trade Fair Briefings
  • KickOff-Moderation
  • Event Moderation
  • Key Speaking
  • Hostess Service
  • Booth Coaching


  • Performance Review Systems
  • Personal Recruiting
  • Personal Integration
  • Assessment Center
  • Performance Review/Tests for Sales, Service and Leadership
  • Interim-Management

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