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Lorenz LeitlinienWhat drives us? What connects us? What do we stand for? Only with well-defined objectives and company guidelines can you ensure success on a long-term basis, and contribute to the realization of your corporate philosophy. On the one hand, visions, guidelines and values show your employees the way to go, while on the other hand strengthening the overall team spirit. Especially at a time of increasing complexity and constantly changing environments, clear guidelines are crucial preconditions for leading a company and its entire workforce in the right way. Being successful today also means that challenges are also opportunities, allowing one to react more quickly than the competition. Therefore, the goal of the guidelines is primarily to build a meaningful environment that encourages people to join forces and pull together. In close collaboration with you, we develop and substantiate your vision, guidelines or values. We create an effective communication concept for your company´s internal and external presentation. Interested? Our team will be at your disposal for an individual consultation at any time - do not hesitate to contact us!

Our services in detail

Workshop „Company Guidelines“

  • Development of an action and orientation framework for employees and management
  • Description of your corporate identity in terms of content, objectives and values
  • Preparation of your company guidelines on the basis of several sub-workshops at different hierarchy levels
  • Aggregation of all parties involved: employees, management, owners, workers´union

Workshop „Management Guidelines“

  • Development of an action and orientation framework for management
  • Description of leadership methods and character

Your benefits

  • Identifying employees and managers with their vision and guidelines through joint formulation
  • Clarity with regard to vision and objectives of your company
  • High-level identification among employees and management with your company
  • Reliable rules that lead, direct, and strengthen

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