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Incentive systems

Lorenz AnreizsystemeWhat drives us? What holds us back? Motivation plays a critical role in everything we do or don´t do. We show you how to motivate your team with incentive systems that result in the highest performance as well as how to influence the employees´behavior in a positive way. From the initial consultancy to the implementation of individual incentive systems, we will competently support you in the realization of your personal strategy. This especially includes the integration of non-monetary motivation factors.

Such factors can be

  • Reaching personal freedom within the working process
  • Further development of personal competences (e.g. advancing to a position in upper management, achieving an expert status, etc.)
  • Concrete achievements
  • Individual development offers (e.g. training, career)
  • Positively perceived status symbols (e.g. awards, titles, participating incentives, etc.)
  • Setting up social contacts (e.g. work relations, team affiliation, etc.)
  • Perceived security (e.g. job guarantee)
  • Elimination of mental underload or overtaxing
  • Securing appreciation within the company
  • Room for creativity
  • Strengthening loyalty

Want to create personal incentive systems for your employees? Send us your request for an individual consultancy today. It will be our pleasure to support you with the implementation of a good leadership culture, the enhancement of individual training possibilities, as well as the strengthening of team spirit and a shared sense of solidarity.

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