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Personnel recruitment

Lorenz PersonalwahlAre you searching for qualified employees? What kind of candidates would be "proper employees" for your company? With a systematic procedure for personnel recruitment (assessment center), you will minimize the risk of hiring the wrong persons as well as finding candidates that suit your company and your specific demands. With our assessment center projects in both German and English, we optimally support you with the recruitment of personnel and thus secure your long-term corporative success. By standardized tests and exercises, we record and assess the personal and professional skills of each candidate according to a special requirements profile. Want to know more about the possibilities for personnel recruitment in an assessment center? Then what are you waiting for? Please, don´t hesitate to contact us - our team is happy to be at your service at any time for an individual consultation. 

Your advantages:

  • Hard and soft skills are observable and will be assessed
  • The actual behavior and personal skills of each candidate become obvious
  • The decisive criteria for succeeding in a task are assessed
  • An immediate selection decision is possible
  • Assessment center grants high objectivity to apllicants´assessment
  • The selecting person clearly gains decision-making reliability
  • Expensive wrong decisions become more improbable

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