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Several managers and employees with entrepreneurial and commercial tasks were originally trained in the technological educational sectors. As a consequence, business background knowledge is either missing or incomplete. In our compact business administration seminars, we provide you with the basic know-how on business coherences, and we also extensively deal with topics like balance sheet, profit and loss account, annual report, assets, etc.

Based on practice-oriented working samples, the participants get to know and understand the meaning of the most important terms. But not only employees with a technical background but also sales people tend to exhibit a high demand for business know-how. What is the connection between quality, costs, time, and money? What about investments and financing? What influences do purchase, rent, leasing, factoring and amortization have on the daily business? Only with a comprehensive know-how of business administration is it possible to be able to address decision makers on all levels in a qualified way. Entrepreneurial thinking is supported, while cost and profit awareness is shifted to the foreground.

Depending on your requirements, we offer you the following topics:

Business administration

  • action framework: quality, costs and time
  • business basic sizes and terms (e.g. turnover, profit, rate of return, revenues, market, etc.)
  • operational resources
  • merchandise and money flows in the company
  • structure, contents and significance of a profit and loss account (contribution margin, EBIT, etc.)
  • structure, contents and significance of a balance (assets, liabilities, equity, loan capital, etc.)
  • profit and loss account or balance as control elements of a company
  • important indicators for management control and company valuation
  • investment and financing
  • rating, Basel II / III
  • purchase, rent, leasing, factoring, amortization
  • employment contract, service contract, differentiation, risks


  • global market, tendencies and mega trends
  • vision, mission, strategy and tactic
  • in search of excellence: learn from the successful
  • 7S model by McKinsey
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