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Lorenz FuehrungBecoming a manager in a major company, having successful career and attaining a special status - this is the dream of many job starters. But what actually are the features of a "good" manager? What exactly are required of a competent "boss"? Only a clearly thought through and collaborative management style will motivate employees and the team to provide outstanding performances and success-oriented behavior. A good working atmosphere, a confident appearance with sensitivity, e.g. at a performance review, complete the profile. Smart resolution of interpersonal conflicts is also a feature of a "good" chief.

All these skills can be learned in training. In our three-part seminar or coaching, we provide the basic knowledge for situational leadership motivation and team development as well as conflict management. You can also benefit from practically relevant teaching contents, innovative methodology and seminars that are adjusted to your actual everyday situation.

With the following seminar, you sow the seeds for a solid leadership competence and guide your employees towards increased performance (each term 1-3 days):

Leadership 1 - Basics and situational leadership

Leadership 2 - Motivation, enhancing performance and team development

Leadership 3 - Good leadership in demanding situations and in conflicts

Of course, we also offer interesting and goal-oriented advanced seminars for experienced managers. We will provide you with solid knowledge in the fields of business administration, rhetoric and employee management, as well as equipping you with robust tools for everyday situations. We also support you with the realization of moderations. Together, we will work on your dialectic and your body language, and we will pave the way towards a successful management career. Simply contact us - we are happy to advise you on the various possibilities.


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