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Lorenz MethodenTime and self-management

Overloaded, stressed and at the end of one´s own forces - many employees can no longer cope with the continuously increasing demands of day-to-day work. The consequence: overtimes, little time for recovery, and a lack of motivation. Are you searching for the possibility to plan your time more efficiently and to face the increasing working pressure by targeted measures? Our seminar "time and self-management" provides you with efficient solutions for planning and structuring your day-to-day work and for coping with individual time tracks. With practical exercises, we teach you effective methods for self-organization and sensitize you on how to handle "time" in daily business. You learn to set priorities and to distinguish between the essential and the nonessential.

Contents / Seminar

  • Methods for time and self-management
  • Techniques for self-analysis
  • Techniques and methods for priority setting
  • Methods for structuring the day-to-day work
  • Strategies for stress management
  • Organizing office and home office properly
  • Using modern communication techniques and tools (like web meeting)

Rhetoric and communication

You want to have an authentic and convincing appearance? Our seminars "Basics of rhetoric" and "Rhetoric for managers" provide you with the methods and techniques for a successful presentation of your personality and fields of expertise. We teach you how to speak with power and dynamism and to shape speeches with an expressive body language (gestures, facial ecpressions) and content-related concision. Furthermore, you will receive effective tips on how to master the excitement before a speech, how to use pauses and eye contacts efficiently, and how to intensify what is said during a presentation.

Contents / Seminar

  • Basics of successful rhetoric (e.g. dialectic) and negotiation techniques
  • Definition of the target group (who is my audience?)
  • Definition of the goals (what do I want to achieve in my presentation?)
  • Methods and techniques that motivate
  • Training of body language (gestures, facial expressions)
  • Dealing with stage fright
  • Didactics
  • Further development of your personal diction through practical feedback exercises
  • Controlling target groups and audiences
  • Dealing with disturbances and blockages

Are you interested in our training programs? Then please do not hesitate to contact us - we wíll be delighted to advise you on the various possibilities.


In the field of methodology, we also offer exciting professional "train-the-trainer" courses for yourself or your trainer team. We are looking forward to advising you personally.

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