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Lorenz VerkaufStiff competition, product uniformity, inter-cultural confrontation, financial and environmental goals as well as social trends – all create new challenges to companies, organizations and sales employees. Only through specific coaching and training can you keep pace with the increased demands as well as being able to offer clear benefits when addressing potential customers.

With our sales training, we further develop sales competencies and pave the way towards a stronger customer relationship and loyalty. The aim is to become a highly motivated salesman/woman – a seller who is dedicated and has persuasive power and deal-making competence.

Sales Basics

  1. Success in Sales (basis)
    Contents: understanding of roles and competences – market – products - services - solutions - self-perception and perception by others - consciously building a personality - personal, winning manner – customer orientated behavior – basics of professional communication – structured, target-oriented dialogue with customers – starting with a warm-up until closing the deal.

  2. Success in Sales (advanced)
    Contents: efficient preparation and follow-up processing of customer appointments – development of an individual strategy with arguments – learning to sell with successfully – professional demand analysis – usage of questioning techniques – recognizing and making use of customer needs – handling objection – developing deal closing competences – introduction into body language.

Sales PRO Practice Workshop ©

In our very diligently and systematically constructed sales workshop, the participants receive a sound training. The practical training program with one-day modules at short intervals counteracts the “forgetting effect”. The participants’ knowledge is quickly broadened, they are trained using practical examples, and are thus anchored on a long-term basis.


  1. Communication, structured conversation
  2. Handling objection and deal closing competence
  3. Solution business: realizing customer solutions with business administration, product and service
  4. Successful telephone calls with customers (appointments, sales, service, consulting)
  5. Cold calling to professionals
  6. Confidential price negotiations
  7. Reading, understanding and using body language; intercultural aspects
  8. Developing a strong sales personality
  9. Sales psychology: recognizing, understanding and convincing customer types
  10. Recognize, manage and dissolve conflicts
  11. Key accounts: building networks with customers
  12. Using internal resources / internal networking

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