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Team Building

Lorenz TeamentwicklungA company is as efficient as its employees. From the manager to the gatekeeper, all team members contribute to the company´s long-term success. Only a structured work flow, clear rules and a well thought through team building strategy can strengthen the productivity and performance of your employees and enhance the efficency of your company. True to the motto "Together we are strong", we support you in our seminars with the development of optimal structures and processes within the group. The focus is on supporting your team by developing a new or changed identity, or creating a team spirit and the will to tackle new topics with commitment and dedication. In a training course, we reflect the existing approach and tie it up with the actual state. While doing so, we focus on what works well and what has proven itself over time and practice. Then, we work out concrete ideas and solutions via teamwork. Here, factual and organizational topics (e.g. processes, tasks, information paths, etc.). You want to enhance the group dynamics of your employees? You desire smooth communication within the team? Then we should get to know each other! Together, we will develop the optimal strategy for team building, both for you and your company.

Work items and advantages

  • Improvement of internal and external communication among the team members
  • Optimization of work flows and processes
  • Using the flow effect (optimum performance)
  • Promotion of each employee´s individuality
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses of each individual team member
  • Promotion of social competences within the team
  • Joint crisis management
  • Promotion of integration
  • Working with the team clock
  • Controlling and using team dynamics

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